Former remote (Charlotte, NC) UX Architect working for Xtime, based in Redwood Shores, CA. Specializing in both web and mobile SaaS, Xtime follows a vehicle from the time it enters the dealership through its time within the service bay to its eventual return to the customer. This point-to-point tracking is revolutionizing the auto industry by allowing dealerships to understand their daily, weekly, and monthly intake of vehicles and services and adjust their shop accordingly.


When a user brings their vehicle into the dealership to get serviced, Xtime’s check-in product (Engage) allowed service advisors to quickly and efficiently get a user’s vehicle from the check-in lane to the service bay. This process needed to be quick and efficient so service advisors could keep their check-in lane moving while properly directing their customers regarding their expected services. Reviewing the current Engage product,  Xtime’s decided it needed to undergo a replatforming to allow for quicker turn around time for new features. During this process, the UX team was tasked at reviewing the current platform and providing recommendations to further improve the UX of the check-in process as well as improve the UI.



Recall Campaign Management

Manufacturer recall campaigns are mandatory services that must be performed on vehicles. These recalls, however, can make things difficult for dealerships as they often require specific skills and parts from the dealership to be completed. In order to control the amount of recalls that can be completed as well as get ahead of any potential future recalls from the manufacturer, Xtime was tasked with building a management system that would allow for appointment volume control through daily appointment constraints and appointment lead up time.



First Service Appointment

Purchasing a vehicle provides a unique opportunity for a dealership to convert a sale into a potential service lead. By booking a service appointment at the time of sale, the customer can come in for this first service appointment and (hopefully) continue to come in for additional servicing. Partnering with VinSolutions, Xtime was able to provide dealerships with a means to convert sales leads into service appointment leads for the dealership.