I was a contract User Experience Designer that worked with the creative design team at one of the largest cloud computing based telephony companies in the world , RingCentral. While there I was given the opportunity to work on several high-level projects that looked to not only shape the overall user experience of RingCentral’s user base but also grow their clientele as the company continued to target larger companies.

Reporting Tool

Call center administrators are constantly in need of analytics to see how their call center queues are performing. A few extra seconds can equate to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. As the lead UX designer, it was my duty to design an experience that would allow call center administrators to see the overall performance of their queues and pinpoint any anomalies that may need correcting.



Enterprise UI

As RingCentral’s sales team continued to target large corporations, it became apparent that the current structure of the web product could not support the needs of the growing user base. A redesign of the existing UI and information architecture was necessary so that RingCentral could accommodate these new users and assist in continuing to grow the company’s user base. The experience needed to be flexible and scalable while still incapsulating all current functionality of the existing web product.