Balluun is an e-commerce and social networking start-up located in Foster City, California. Their mission is to revolutionize the trade show industry by allowing different exhibitors and attendees of a trade show to connect to one another before, during, and after the trade show on their social networking and e-commerce core platform.

Unified User Sign-In Flow

In order to log-in to Balluun’s trade show web platform, users would need to go to different URLs depending on their user type and follow a seven step process to initially sign-in. To assist in raising conversion, a consolidated sign-in flow was needed to expedite the process without the burden of needing to remember a particular web page URL. A new user flow with generic site entry was designed and implemented that decreased the amount of steps needed to initially sign-in while not burdening the user to go to a specific web page based on their user type



Balluun Bulk Upload Tool

Balluun’s bulk upload tool was intended to assist exhibitors of their site by allowing them to upload multiple products at once. However, this tool was heavily underutilized even though exhibitors would upload several products in one session through the single upload tool. After several user interviews, patterns emerged that suggested better organization of data was needed on the page to help inform the user on how to complete the bulk upload of their products. A redesigned bulk upload page gave hierarchy to each step and was intended to be so simple that there would be no question what was needed at each step.