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The Problem

Administrators of call centers using RingCentral’s products needed the ability to see how their call queues were performing.  These analytics would provide further clarity on their call center habits and allow them to properly digest the information and adapt their staffing needs accordingly.

The Process

Being the head designer assigned this task, the first step was to brainstorm out the information architecture and design of the analytical pieces of this new function to present to the rest of the design team.

These sketches were then taken into Omnigraffle for easy and fast refinement. The first round of designs were shopped around internally and amongst the design team on what we felt would be the best analytics to showcase to our users.

The product manager and I then shopped this initial design around to external users. Patterns emerged on what users were expecting to see when viewing certain pieces of information as well as information that had yet to be incorporated. Another round of iteration was necessary to get closer to user expectations. The below designs were the next phase of the design to be presented to external users.

After this second round of showcasing, further feedback was gathered and a final design was decided upon for the initial release of the analytical product

The Solution

The final design of the analytical product incorporated all of the feedback that had been gathered by both internal and external stakeholders into an elegant and simple user interface. This elegance on desktop was then transported onto RingCentral’s mobile app. These final designs can be seen below.