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The Problem

The original sign-in flow of Balluun’s web platform was divergent between the 3 different user groups of their product. If a user happened to go to the wrong address, they would not be able to log-in.

The user sign-up process was also complicated and cumbersome as the user had to go through approximately 7 steps from the time they chose to “Sign-Up as New User” to the point where they could log-in to their account.

The Process

A new flow was needed in order for the user to sign in quickly and efficiently.


Next I got to work on overall architecture and layout. After some initial sketching of web layouts (including one below), I decided to take a “mobile-first” strategy that could be applied to our app and then reapply it to our web portal.


The Solution

The new login flow helped to drive usage of the site to higher levels than before. This simplification also helped to drive completion of profile pages and successful sign-ups by unregistered users. Below was the finalized screens for the mobile experience.