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The Problem

One of the main reasons customer’s come to service their vehicles at dealerships is fix any open recalls the vehicles may have. Dealerships need a way to manage these recall campaigns since many of them require special skills and technicians that the dealership has a limited supply of.

The Process

As the lead designer for this project, my first objective was to gather all of the details about this feature and to understand how we were currently handling open recall campaigns. After gathering these requirements, one of the first items that needed to be discussed was where this feature would live. Based on our current product suite, there were two different places this could live: Pricing or Configure. A site map exercise allowed us to discuss the placement of this feature in these two places as well as expand on the types of information that should be managed through this feature.

After speaking with both Product Managers and Engineering, it was decided to place this feature within Configure as it would allow for the easiest management of data for the engineers while also providing the benefit of easy access to the dealership users.

The next step was to explore placement of these features within Configure and how the dealership would go about managing these recall campaigns. The first version of the feature management can be seen in the walkthrough below

After discussion with Product Management, we decided that this first workflow was too spread out. We looked to combine the features into one or two key areas. As we progressed through these iterations, we also reached out to different users of this feature to collect their feedback. Some good ideas that came out of this research was the ability to showcase “new” campaigns as well as being able to sort/filter by campaign release dates, since the dealerships are mostly concerned with recalls that have been released within 90 days.


The Solution

The final design was a culmination of engineering compromise with user research findings and needs. The entire feature would be placed within the Configure – Recall page to allow for quick and easy access for the users while only needing to populate one page on the UI. This page would display the capacity for each recall for every day of the week. Each recall would automatically be populated with the default capacity value, but could also be overridden by the user. Also, each recall would be given is own lead time with a default automatically be populated similar to weekday capacity.