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The Problem

At RingCentral, there was no existing user infrastructure within their products.  This meant that everyone was presented with the same tools and UI options regardless of who they were. As the company continued to grow and target larger corporations, it became obvious that their UI would need to morph in order to allow new users of the system different operations and tools to better assist their user needs.

The Process

As the head designer, I quickly got to work mapping out the existing infrastructure of RingCentral’s UI. This included an extensive and exhaustive flow chart that covered every function of RingCentral’s existing web platform. From there I mapped out who the users of the new system would be and placed with them all existing and future functionality.

After this initial phase of IA, I then got to work brainstorming what the new UI would look like at a very high level. Lots of ideas were proposed using Omnigraffle until a few were selected to move forward to the next stage.

Once a few of the layout designs had been decided, I started to expand on content for each of the pages. The idea for the new UI was to provide users a gateway where they could come and get a very high view of their telephony activity and allow the option to drill down if need be.  The below screens were the initial designs of this brand new enterprise UI.

The Solution

The following UI was the working pages that the design team and I were using to shop around our ideas internally. They were the culmination of the design team’s drive for an elegant UI that we knew would be scalable in terms of additional functionality and users of the system.